8 To-Do’s for more self-confidence and success

Confidence – Where does it come from? What can you do with it? A term used to juggle, which falls here and there, but with which you have not worked so far?

Then the time is right, because your confidence / self-confidence is the breeding ground for the plants of your success in every area of your life. Only when you change the small things in your everyday life, you manage to build your self-confidence.

Selftrust trend or not: We’ll show you how to get started and use the tools that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

How your childhood created your self-confidence

Self-confidence is ultimately the belief in us, in our abilities and in our simple being. It is the foundation of our self-confidence that accompanies us in every life situation and determines how we act.

To know how to boost your self-confidence, you should first know where it comes from. Self-confidence, whether low or strengthened, is a result of our childhood experiences. Success experiences, the belief in our environment in us and the trust of our parents in our abilities ultimately create something of the basis for the self-confidence that accompanies us in our lives.

If these things fail, there is little self-confidence. The person concerned is often overwhelmed by doubt and uncertainty in many different situations.

“Whether you think you can or you can not – in both cases you’re right.” – Henry Ford

The insecurity and the inner fear inhibit us in our daily life and the person concerned constantly receives a visit from the inner critic, who wants to pull him down. All this happens in the mind of man. The origin of success and failure begins in the mind and can be trained there at any time with tasks and experiences and thus changed.

Make peace with the inner critic

The inner critic slumbers in you and always comes out of his corner when you are faced with a decision or you are busy with something. He whispers negative words in your ear that make you doubt, weaken your self-confidence for an atomic moment and thus question your decision.

To trust yourself, you have to know each other

Trust implies knowing yourself. And just as you know your best friends, you can also get to know yourself so that you can trust yourself more automatically. Spend more time with yourself, go to events such as concerts and watch yourself.

How do you behave? How do you feel? What thoughts patter on you? Try self-reflection to perceive your thoughts as thoughts, to observe them instead of letting yourself be swept away by their spell. Spending time with yourself, giving space to your thoughts and observing them, has two effects for your personal development: you get to know yourself and your thoughts and at the same time leave your comfort zone.

Kick off your comfort zone!

Your comfort zone, that is the pleasant space of the familiar and familiar. Your comfort zone is the cozy sofa on which you feel comfortable and safe. But you will not experience the adventures that you will like to remember and that will strengthen not only your success but also your self-confidence on the safe sofa.

You experience them outside your front door. Outside of your comfort zone, you’ll find all the challenges that you feel new and that you do not feel one hundred percent at the moment. Tasks for which you have to find your way, which require courage and yet carry you miles ahead.

Challenges that build your self-confidence

Realize how you feel during the challenges. It might sound silly, but to walk through the exercises and through your life with this thought-setting shows you the direct way to a satisfied everyday life.

Talk to a stranger – best every day. On the way to work or in the evening in the music bar, when the musicians have not started to play. This not only strengthens your self-confidence, but also gives you valuable contacts. So become a networker!

The daily letter to yourself – Show your successes in mind. If you think that will not help, just give it a try. What are you proud of every day? What did you accomplish today? Why are you remarkable? Write down every detail. It does not matter how big the successes are.

Mantra in front of the mirror – Do you have a morning routine? Integrate mantras into your routine. Write down what motivates you, what’s great about you, frame your own personal manifesto into a picture frame and hang it up next to your bathroom mirror.

List of properties you like – Create a list of properties that you like best. Find your greatest strength, find your greatest weakness and use your strengths purposefully. Every time the inner critic knocks on your door, get this list out and read it through. Until you realize that the inner critic is leaning too far out of the window.

Body Fit and Soul Fit – Train your mind and head like a muscle. But you should also keep your body fit. Find a sport that suits you and do sports regularly. With it you feed your head with success appetizers and your body with a sporty habit. Because the moments of success in sport can become a basis for your self-confidence.

Reward Your Education – You have not learned anything new for a long time? Take the challenge and find a topic that you are burning for. This may be the long postponed guitar class, as well as a visit to the philosophy lecture series. You learn something about it and take yourself and your education needs seriously.

Morning Meditation – Meditate in the morning to get clear and start the day feeling self-reflective and satisfied. Of course you can do this in the evening. With meditation, you learn to be more attentive in dealing with yourself and the world, to perceive yourself and not to take your feelings too seriously and to control them. For example, to handle your inner critic in a more reflective way.

Self-confidence means success

Now it is up to you to sow the seed for the great success of your life. All of these exercises are significant things that may seem small to you, and you may be thinking, “Does that have to be?” And “Why should I ask a stranger for directions when I know the way? Where does that please keep me in my life? “

But they are less small than they seem. What you accomplish on a small scale, you can do on a large scale. In the end, the dimension no longer matters, if you master the art of transposition & custom. But that means: go out, do, start, do not hesitate, challenge yourself again and again!

Stay away from your comfort zone as much as possible. As you will see, you will soon master even big challenges with ease and a strengthened self-confidence.

Use your potential.

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