An armed attack in the tram in Utrecht, the Netherlands: There are casualties

An attacker in Utrecht, the Netherlands, opened fire on passengers in a tram.

Police said there were people injured in the attack.

The news that a person has lost his life has not yet been approved by the police.

The attack was organized at 10:45 am local time, while the tram was proceeding at 24 Oktoberplein junction .

An eyewitness to the NRC newspaper, a man in the tram suddenly rose to his feet and “a big gun” began to shoot around, he said.
Eyewitness told:

“It was like he was aiming at the people sitting in the seats. The conductor didn’t open the door immediately. The two young people beside me kicked the window and I ran out of there. Many people survived thanks to that two young.”

Utrecht police said the possibility of a “terrorist attack” has been evaluated.

The attacker fled the scene with a vehicle.

The police are looking for the attacker in the city.

24 Oktoberplein junction , anti-terrorism branch units as well as ambulances and three helicopters were sent.

The police asked the public to keep the roads around the square open.

police in the area where the attack held in Utrecht
police in the area where the attack held in Utrecht

Tramways in Utrecht city were canceled and then schools were vacated.

The level of threat was also raised to the highest level.

In the city, the Utrecht Medical Center will set up a private hospital for the immediate intervention of victims in the security zone at the scene.

The Dutch government has created a crisis desk

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said there was an alarming situation in Utrecht.

The government has created a crisis desk.

In the capital, The Hague, extensive security measures were taken around the Parliament and the Prime Ministry building.

Royal Special Troops patrol with automatic weapons in the city


Aftermath of tram shooting in the Netherlands

Dutch police said the incident could be a terrorist attack. Mayor Jan van Zanen, “the motive of terrorism, the most plausible cause of the attack,” he said. The police maximized the threat of terrorism.

Police warned about a Turkish man 37-year-old

Police warned that a 37-year-old Turk should not be approached.

Turkish businessman: ISIS arrested, released

A Turkish businessman living in Utrecht said in a statement to BBC Türk that Gökmen Tanış was born on 2 July 1981 in Yozgat, he went to Chechnya and fought before. He said, “He was arrested and released because of her connection to ISIS a few years ago. He was not a part of the Turkish society;

RUTTE: We are shaken

After the attack, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said “Our country is shaken by an attack in Utrecht today. It is an open terrorist act. It has attacked the tolerant Dutch society. We are primarily focused on capturing the suspect or suspects.” Rutte, the police and prosecutors working to reveal the truth, he said.

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