How to Tie a Tie – What are the Meanings of Tie Colors?

The tie is usually used by men only as an accessory, but it is used in women’s formal uniforms or because it is fashionable. So, how to tie the tie with practical and easy method?

Different Ways to Tie a Tie

The tie looks the same for most people. However, the tie has different tie patterns. These models and techniques vary due to the placement of the necktie to the neck and the size of the neck belt.

1. Full Windsor Knot – How to tie a Tie?

Large ties and a tie-fastening technique suitable for daily use.

2. Christensen Knot – How to tie a Tie?

A knot technique suitable for large ties, which is not easy to do, for daily use.

3. Eldredge Tie Knot – How to tie a Tie?

Even though it has a different knot technique than the others, it looks very elegant. It is a more appropriate knot method for ties with a standard width.

Grantchester Knot – How to tie a Tie?

This knot style is suitable for wide tie models and can be used daily.

Trinity Knot Style – How to tie a Tie?

Although it is different from other ties, it is a very stylish knot model.

The ties can usually be tied on the knee by getting help from the hand or knee, if they wish, according to the person’s preference. Or it can be tied to the mirror or in a position where it can be easily seen on the neck of someone else.

Various tie-tying techniques have brought different names. For example, Windsor Duke’s invented Windsor knot is one of the tie-tying methods. Makes the tie look bigger and longer than it is.

For the thin tie models, Prince Albert tying technique is mostly used. This technique is particularly suitable for ties made of silk fabric.

For a narrow and long knot, the Four Knot technique is optimal.

Which Color Tie With Which Color Suit?

The suits are simple and formal. That’s why you can color your suits with ties. The most stylish suits are accessories, ties. For this reason, it is very important that the fitted tie is compatible with the suit.

When choosing a tie, firstly choose the suit, then shirt and lastly the tie. The reason why the tie is left to the end is that it is an accessory that connects the suit and the shirt.

Tie Selection Criteria

  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Type of fabric
  • Quality

Meaning of Tie Colors

Blue tie: It is the choice of free spirited people.
Green tie: It is the color of tie that natural people and peaceful people prefer.
Red tie: Decisive and determined people’s choice.
Yellow tie: Cheerful, intelligent, thin and practical people use the tie color.
Purple tie: A tie color for men who want to look noble and reputable.
Pink tie: A tie that is preferred by men who express joy and confidence and express their comfort.
Orange Tie: It’s a tie color that energetic people wear.
Navy blue tie: Expresses infinite authority and efficiency. In short, the navy blue tie king is the man’s tie.
Brown tie: The necktie of the man who enjoys nature and green.
Gray tie: Uncertainty is the color of ambivalence and seriousness.
Black tie: The color of mourning and seriousness.

The red tie is especially used in white, blue and gray shirts and dark suits.

The blue tie is a bright color to the dark suit.

The silver tie should be preferred on special nights with white shirts.

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