Italy’s Education Ministry Offers Exorcism Courses to Teachers

Interesting courses offered to teachers from the Education Ministry in Italy led to protests in the country. The offer of the exorcism and the emancipatory prayers training to the teachers in the right way, the proposal was canceled as a result of the reactions. According to the offer from the Education Ministry, the 40-hour exorcism course would be an area that teachers could voluntarily choose. The course, which is taken from Sofia platform, where teachers can take courses, will continue to be given as planned. Controversies still continues.

Italy’s Education Ministry has added to the course list of exorcism training has caused controversy in the country

Polemics, which started after the Education Ministry added exorcism and emancipatory prayer education to the teachers’ course list, did not end. The protests that the offered course was out of date caused the course to be removed from the list of teachers.

The opposition criticized the government with saying that the government has more important jobs than dealing with the exorcism.

The hardest reaction to the exorcism course came from the opposition. The opposition party said the government has more important jobs than dealing with the devil. He evaluated this application as belonging to the Dark Age. It is worth noting that the institution that will give the course is not the Education Ministry. The course will be given by the Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum, a lower university of the Vatican.

“Schools are not safe, gyms are useless, teacher salaries are low, but priority is the exorcism courses.”

Speaking on behalf of the opposition, Boldrini said that while there are dozens of problems in education, the Education Minister’s move is to bring the exorcism course. The opposition criticized the government by asking questions such as “Are we in 2019 or 1019?”. There have been many shares on this topic through social media like “The school is hell, yes, but don’t go that far.” this ironic shares were the trend in social media.

Sicilian pastor Benigno Palilla says, the number of Exorcist need incidents in Italy is 500,000 annually

Pastor Palilla says the reason for the increase in this figure is the interest shown to the people who read the future and the tarot. Reminding that on the Vatican radio, Palilla says such fortune-telling activities open the door to the devil. Nevertheless, he says that not every event should be caused from the devil, and that some events may be caused by psychological problems.

The cost of these courses is 400 Euro (optional)

There are about 30,000 different courses in the portal where teachers can take courses. Teachers can apply for courses through the platform called Sofia, according to their field and the areas they want to improve themselves.

The exorcism course has been removed from the list of primary school teachers

The Education Ministry announced that, the course had been removed from primary school teachers Sofia platform course list, but will continue to be offered as planned.

The debates about the exorcism course, which has become quite political in the country, are still not finished

The discussions that started about the course and gained a political dimension are still going on. The course, which was added to the list on the Sofia platform with the name of exorcism and emancipatory prayer, seems to remain on the agenda for a while.


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