Personality Traits and Diseases According to Your Birth Month

In astrology, according to the date we were born, our horoscope is determined and we can make inferences about ourselves by looking at the features of our sign. However, the month we were born is also had a great impact on our personalities. Russell Foster, a scientist from Oxford University, argues that birth time has a great impact on personality. Let’s look together at the effect of the month you were born on your personality and your life.

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1. January

Those born in January are innate leader spirits. They play an important role in many people’s lives and can easily achieve success. They’re pretty stubborn, they don’t like to judge others. They can easily move away from the crowds with their talents and creativity. People often follow in January born people without questioning. They love teaching and learning. They know how to make others happy.

People born in January are more likely to have migraine, alzheimer, Crohn’s disease and epilepsy. Scientists attributed this to less sunlight when they were still in the womb and when they were born.

2. February

Those who are born in February are generally understanding of everyone. They always look for soul mates and they won’t stop looking until they find it. They depend on their romantic relations and this is a surrender and defeat for them. Also, if they cannot find the love of their lives, they can be addicted or fight psychological problems. Even though they’re quite romantic from the inside, they don’t show it. They are very smart, but sometimes their unruly sides prevent them from dealing with problems. They can be quite rebellious when their freedom is restricted. They like to be interested in others. They also become very good parents.

Scientists say that people born in February are likely to be artists. They may be more prone to sleep disorders and thyroid diseases. Usually morning 9, evening 5, such as a routine working hours are not according to them.

3. March

Those born in March are those who never grow up and they are always stays as children. This is sometimes a big problem for them, but they are pretty cute. It is almost impossible for them to be unemployed because they are sympathetic. In the romantic sense, they are not good at choosing their right soulmates. They often find themselves in the right place and at the right time. Although they tend to make a lot of money, they usually lose their money quickly. They may be prone to infidelity. They may be more prone to addiction and bad habits than those born in other months. They’re easy to get nervous, but reliable people. They like to dream.

Those born in March are more likely to receive asthma statistically. Scientists depend on it to get less sunlight in the womb and lack of vitamin D. Also, it is not expected that those born in March will be successful in schools. They tend to be artists.

4. April

Those born in April often can make decisions that they will regret. They want to be the authority, the decision-maker. They have a charismatic structure. They are ambitious and intelligent. They can make friends easily. They can solve people’s problems easily. They are mobile, they can motivate themselves and others easily.

Generally head and chest diseases are common. They have posterity to be alcoholic. Besides alcoholism, the most common diseases are autism, depression and seasonal affective disorder.

5. May

They’re quite talented, they value their friends. Nevertheless, they love spending more time alone than other people. Their motivation is usually high. It is easy to talk and communicate with people born in May. They attach great importance to expressing themselves correctly. They tend to be talented musicians, writers or actors. They respect authority and believe that marriage is sacred. They may prefer to spend time alone in nature to find their balance.

They can usually have health problems in the ear and neck. They are sensitive to diabetes and glaucoma.

6. June

Those born in June may be very jealous. They remain stuck in the past and therefore they cannot live the moment. These features also affect their future. They are easily influenced by polite people and tend to leave their jobs to the last minute. They’re so romantic and so jealous. Love lives can be very complicated from time to time.

According to statistics, most Nobel laureates and most of the CEOs are people born in June. The most common health problem in people born in June is the visual impairment . In addition, rheumatism and bronchitis are among the health problems they face.

7. July

Those born in July become very friendly and sympathetic people. They also love spending money. They are very eager to help everyone except themselves. But when they see that people are not as good as they think they are, they are disappointed. They are very fond of their families, they do their best to make them happy. Dressing and lifestyles can be quite eccentric. They tend to be as depressed as they are genius. Sometimes it is quite difficult to understand them, so they can be very secretive at times. They never seek revenge, they are not rude people. They can easily be hurt.

According to statistics, they can easily become depressed, easily hurt and have problems with diet. Joint pain, asthma and chronic neck pain can be seen.

8. August

Those born in August become loving and multifaceted people. They try to see the good side of every person they meet. But over time, they realize that everyone is not as good as they think they are. They become part of society, they do not disintegrate. They value marriage. One of the weak points is the health problems that occur because they work hard. Team spirits are strong, they are very successful in inspiring others. They can easily access the money. They love jokes, fun conversations. They have leadership characteristics. They know very well how to comfort others. They like to be praised. They love to dream, and are skilled in art, music and defense.

Their structure against diseases is very weak. Blood clotting problem, bone resorption and thyroid problems can be seen. They’re much more challenging at school. Their biggest weakness is that they can easily become depressed. In order to be successful, they usually need to silence their inner voices. Thinking everything down to the finest detail can put them in trouble.

9. September

Those born in September are very organized people and can easily overcome everything. Usually they have to silence the sounds in order to proceed. They can be depressed frequently due to their prudent and careful structure. Because they are very intelligent and flexible, they can play many different roles in their lives. They may be brutal when criticizing themselves. They’re quite comfortable talking to a crowd of people. They like sports. They’re very selective in relationships.

Those who are most likely to attend university and have a professional career are born in September. They are prone to asthma and thyroid problems.

10. October

People born in October usually have access to their goals. They have the potential to become prominent leaders. Their feelings of vengeance are high and they can be very aggressive when discussing with someone. Naturally, they’re lucky. They love to chat. They easily get hurt and quickly recover themselves. Rigid and stubborn. They loves art, literature and travel. They can lose their trusts very quickly.

According to statistics, people who live longest are people born in October. According to a presentation at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, it was seen that they lived an average of 160 days longer than those born in spring. This is due to the optimal amount of sunlight during pregnancy and early development. Migraine, anemia and high cholesterol are the most common health problems they experience.

11. November

Those born in November are over-sensitive and they can easily reveal it. They can become psychic, empathic and positive people. They tend to experience stress-related chronic fatigue, depression and psychological problems. Those people become very good role model for others. They have too many extraordinary ideas, they become deep people, they usually think different than everyone else. They are curious and discreet. They don’t give up easily. They’re pretty vague in relationships. They may not be able to control their feelings from time to time.

People born in November tend to be pessimistic. According to a research conducted in Sweden in 2005 ties this theoretically to the low secretion of happiness hormones, with less exposure to sunlight after birth. Constipation, chronic skin diseases and heart attack are the most common health problems for those people.

12. December

They become loyal and generous people. Those born in December are almost nothing they cannot do for their loved ones. They want a stable lifestyle. They are unusually lucky and can easily reach wealth and love. They have an active social life. They like to love and be loved. They are generous. They don’t act, they’re not selfish, they usually take pride in themselves.

People born this month are likely to have asthma or allergies. According to the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, this may be because they were born during the cold and flu season. And the lack of sunlight in the first months makes the possibility that the babies of December will suffer from bipolar disorder. They are prone to depression and heart problems.

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