The Man Who Wanted Help To Move His Home From The Escort He Rented For 2 Hours

The Japanese have proven their technological superiority in the world, and we think they owe it to their sharp minds. The Japanese, who have many interesting traditions, are firmly committed to these traditions. In fact, the fact that the Japanese depend on such traditions as well as some superstitious beliefs however, confuses our minds. When we look back at ourselves, we can understand that we are moving in a different direction from the Japanese.

Maybe he did not sign a technological work, but the story we are going to talk about once again reveals the sharp mind of the Japanese, we can say.

Let’s look!

A female escort in Japan told that the man demanding 2 hours of service asked for some unusual things from her.

Well, when we talk about two hours of escort service, what comes to your mind first?

No! It’s not like you think, the man has done no perversion, actually he’s done a very clever job.

He needed help to move his house, so he hired a female escort.

It’s a surprising news for us but consider it in terms of a well-rented escort woman!

She maked up, dressed beautifully and went to the man’s house. When she got home, she realized she was actually asked for something else.

The rented escort woman was dressed nicely and had to packing things for 2 hours.

In Japan, a 2-hour escort request was received by a man for a woman named Miyuna.

Escort Miyuna had not thought of anything different and prepared the routine and went to the man’s home.

Escort Miyuna had not thought of anything different and prepared the routine and went to the man’s home.

When she came home, the man told her that he was moving his home and needed help with the packaging.

As a matter of business, she helped the man despairingly and then shared what she experienced on Twitter.

She even asked the other women if they had ever met something like this before.

Miyuna said on Twitter: “Has anyone else met with a customer who needs a two-hour service to help for move his home?”

Probably many of us didn’t think that other escorting women might have faced such a situation like this. However, the answers similarity for Miyunadi’s questions made the event even more interesting.

Escort women shared their experiences with customers who wanted help to move home.

A woman escort wrote that once that a man wanted a 3-hour service and at the same time asked for help for packaging his things. Afterwards, he said that he had time to clean up the house a little bit and ordered a meal for her.

I think that home transport services in Japan may cost more than escort services.

At this point, Miyunaunas client decided that, the mathematics of the job is correct and instead of renting a carrier, an escort woman was more affordable for the job.

Apart from house cleaning and transportation works, there are other stories like, which a escort is asked to feed a wounded man.

We believe that after this incident, different tariffs can be determined or some measures can be taken in the increase of the escort services.

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