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Top secret! Mysterious conspiracy theories

The earth is not round, the earth is flat! Conspiracy theories! and Justin Bieber is actually a bad lizardman who is aiming for world domination. That can not be true … can it? These crazy conspiracy theories turn your world upside down.

The earth is flat

Forget what you have learned, the followers of the Flat-Earth movement are sure: Earth is not a globe, but a disk! The photos from space? All fake! A gigantic ice wall, the Antarctic, surrounds the flat earth. It ensures that the oceans do not run over the edge, and protects us from falling down. Is clear … That’s why you can see from the plane and the curvature of the earth.

The Bermuda Triangle, the death trap in the Atlantic

Ships are swallowed by the sea, planes disappear. In the Bermuda Triangle mysterious things are going on. Two conspiracy theories provide adventurous explanations for events in the Devil’s Triangle. Alien abductions and force fields of the sunken island of Atlantis should be to blame. In fact, in the Bermuda Triangle, there are not more ships or planes disappearing than anywhere else.

Already knew? Aircraft pull poison clouds behind them.

Aircraft sprays harmful chemicals

About 30% of the US population believes the government is using aircraft to disperse toxins. Harmless contrails? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! These are chemtrails, dangerous poison clouds that affect the weather and allow for thought control. The fact that the combustion of aircraft fuel produces water vapor that condenses would be too easy …

The killer planet Nibiru brings the end of the world

Everyone knows Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, but have you ever heard of the killer planet Nibiru? The mysterious celestial body is a threat to humanity! According to conspiracy theorists, Nibiru, also called Planet X, will collide with Earth in the foreseeable future and wipe out all life on Earth. So far, scientists have not seen anything that falls on us … Maybe Nibiru is also invisible?

What is hidden inside the earth?

The earth is hollow

There are people who are convinced that beneath the surface hides a second world including civilization, dinosaurs (!) And a private sun. You want to visit the magical kingdom? No problem! The two entrances protected by an energy field are located at the north and south poles. Oookay, who’s up for an expedition ?!

Lizardmen rule our world

Vicious lizardmen live in the middle of us, and Justin is one of them! To remain undetected, the so-called reptiloids hide their lizard shape and assume a human appearance. Your goal? The shapeshifters strive for world domination and want to destroy humanity. Conspiracy theorists believe that even US President Trump is a reptilian – hm … So the theory could be right. ;-)

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